What Ronaldo would have done if he never won the Ballon d’Or

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There are many reasons for the failure of Cristiano Ronaldo to win the Ballons d’or. The main one is the fact that he was not the best player. However, there is another factor that is often overlooked: the fact he was a Ronaldo.
The Portuguese player has already won the Champions League and the Europa League, and he has already managed to win a lot of trophies in the domestic arena. However he has not managed to get into the top-4 of the FIFA rankings.
In the summer, the Portuguese player was not in the best form. He was injured for a long time and was not able to prove himself. However the summer transfer window brought new players to the team, and the results started to improve.

In August, the team started to play with the new players, and it has already become clear that the team is now much more balanced. The Portuguese player is back to his best, and this is the main reason for the fact the team has started to win more trophies.
You can always follow the livescore of the matches of the team on the website of sports statistics. Here you will find the results of the games of the Portuguese players, as well as the results from other teams.
Who is the best in the current season of the Champions league?
The current season has already shown that the Portuguese team is not going to stop at the Champions. The team is in the middle of the standings, and many experts consider that it is now possible for the team to win all the trophies in its category.
However, the main thing that the current Champions league campaign has in common with the previous ones is the lack of motivation of the main contenders.
This is especially noticeable in the case of Real Madrid. The Meringues are the main favorites of the tournament, but they have not yet managed to demonstrate their maximum. This is the reason why the team can not yet win all trophies in one season.
As a result, the current campaign of the Meringue is not the most successful one in the history of the club. However this does not mean that the club will not be able to win trophies in future.
If the team does not have motivation, then it will not show its maximum in the Champions, and then it is not able win all tournaments. This was the case with the Mers for several years in a row.
It is possible that the situation will change in the near future, and we will see whether the team will be able win trophies at the next season or not.
Will Lionel Messi be able become the best scorer in the world?
This season, Lionel Messi has already scored a lot. The Argentine player has managed to score a lot, and his goals are not just about scoring.
Messi has managed not only to score, but also to make important assists. This has already helped him to become the most valuable player of the season. The Barcelona player has also managed to become one of the best scorers in the tournament.
Many experts consider Messi to be the best of all time, and they are not going back to the previous season. This season, he managed to show his best game in the last rounds of the championship.
Also, it is worth noting that Messi has managed a lot in the season, and now he is able to decide the fate of the match. This will allow him to decide who will be the main contender for the Golden Ball.
Lionel Messi is the most important player of Barcelona, and for this reason, it will be extremely difficult for the Mererings to win any trophies. However it is also possible that Messi will not become the main star of the next championship. It is possible, that in the next year, he will be replaced by a new star.
Where can fans see the results on the sports statistics website?
Now, it has become much easier to follow the results. The website of the sports statistic has all the information about the matches that are held in the arena.
Fans can always find out the results and the statistics of the most popular tournaments. The information is updated in real time, so you will not miss anything important.
There is a special section on the site dedicated to the Champions Cup. This tournament is held every year, and in it the best teams of the Old Continent fight for the title.
Of course, this is not a competition for the gold medals, but for the right to enter the Champions of the world club tournament. This year, the Mertzes have a real chance to enter it.
They have a lot to do, and if they can win the Champions cup, then they will be considered as the main favorite of the competition.
Do you want to see the livescores of the game?
It has become easier to watch the results, as the website provides the data in real-time. The data is updated live, and you can always see the latest results.
Thanks to this, you will always be aware of the changes in the field. It has already been proven that the Merers have a good chance of entering the final stage of the draw.
After the first rounds, it became clear that this is their chance. The players are in good shape, and their game is in a good shape. This can be seen in the results that have already been presented.

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