Why will Pogba leave Man Utd?

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The summer transfer window has come to an end, and it has left us with a number of interesting questions. The most obvious one is the transfer of Manchester United to the top-4. The Red Devils have not been in the Champions League for a long time, but they have managed to win the Europa League. This is a good result, but the team needs to strengthen the position in the Premier League.
It is known that the main transfer target of Jose Mourinho’s team is the French player Pogba. The player has become a key player of the team and is a key figure in the history of the club. The transfer of the player is a real surprise, because the club has always been averse to signing players from the Old World.
The player has not only become a main player of United, but he has also become a symbol of the success of the Red Devils. The club has managed to get rid of the problem of signing a new star player, and Pogba is one of the main candidates for the transfer.

The transfer of Pogba to the Old Trafford is a great opportunity for the club, because he is a very good player. The Frenchman is able to play both as a midfielder and as a striker. He has already managed to score a number 1 goal for the team, and this is a result that the club needs.
However, the transfer will not be easy. The main problem is the cost of the transfer, which is not the best for the Old Lady. However, the club is ready to pay the price, because it has a lot of good players who can be replaced by Pogba in the future.
Will Pogba stay at the club?
The main question is whether Pogba will stay at Manchester United. The young player has already become a star in the Old Signora. The team needs a new striker, and the player can be a good replacement for the injured Wayne Rooney.
Pogba has already scored a number one goal for his club, and now he is able not only to score, but also to distribute the ball. He is able, for example, to score from the penalty spot. The situation with the player at the moment is not very good, but it is not impossible that the player will be able to help the team in the near future. He can be bought for a very low price, and that is why the club will not miss the player.
How will the transfer affect the team’ progress?
This transfer will affect the progress of the Manchester United, because now the club does not have such a good lineup. The players who are able to replace Rooney are:
· Ryan Giggs;
·2. Fred;
·3. Anderson.
All of them are able, as Rooney, to give the team a good chance to win. The loss of one of these players will be a big problem for the Red devils, because they need to be in the top 4 for a number.
Of course, it is possible that the transfer does not affect the results of the season, but this is not guaranteed. The results of United can be improved by strengthening the position of the squad in the EPL. The new players can be acquired for a low price.
What are the chances of the EFL Cup?
In the last season, the Epl Cup was very successful for the clubs that have not won it in the last five years. The EFL cup is a chance for the teams to win a place in the Europa league zone.
This year, the cup is held in the United Kingdom, and there are a number competitions that can be won. The first one is called the Efl Cup, which was won by Manchester United in the previous season. The second one is a tournament called the Premier league cup. This tournament was won in the season 2017-2018 by the Red Devil’ Rooney. The last tournament was the Europa cup, which the team won for the second time.
In order to win these competitions, the clubs have to have a good squad, and Manchester United has a number that can compete with the best clubs.
Do you think the Ecl cup will be won by the team of Josep Guardiola?
Of the two competitions, it seems that the E-cup will be the winner. The Guardiola’ team has a good selection of players, which allows it to be able not to miss a single match.
Manchester United has been in a crisis for a few years now, and they have not managed to fix the problem. The problem is that the team does not play well at the same time. This problem is not only in the lineup, but in the whole team. The squad of the players is not strong enough, and many of them do not even have a contract.
As a result, the team is forced to play without a leader, which affects the results. The result of the last E-cup was not good for the United, and we can expect a similar result this season.
Who will win the ECL?
It seems that Manchester United will not win the tournament, because of the problems of the lineup. However the club managed to solve this problem by signing Fred.

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