What happens if Messi retires?

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Barcelona are in a crisis. Lionel Messi has been playing for the club for more than 20 years, and he has become one of the most important players of the Spanish championship. Now, the team is not able to compete with the leaders of the Old Continent.
The last season, the Catalans were in the Champions League zone, but they lost to the Portuguese team. Now the club has a new coach, Julen Lopetegui, who has managed to bring the team to the Champions league zone, too.
However, the situation is not good for the team. The main problem is the lack of motivation. Messi has already said that he wants to leave the club, but he can’t do it. The Argentine wants to play for the national team, but the club can”t afford to pay him a high salary.
What are the options for the fans?
Fans can choose to watch the matches on the Internet. It is easy to do it, because there are many websites that offer live streaming of football. The most popular ones are:
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The main thing that fans should keep in mind is that the situation with Messi is not getting better. The player has already made his decision, and it is now up to the club to find a solution to his problem.
Football live scores today
The Spanish championship is very interesting, and the fans can watch the results on the internet. The fans can follow the game on the fscore website. It offers a wide range of information, including live scores of football matches.
This season, Barcelona is in a difficult situation. The team has a lot of problems, and now it is very difficult to fight for the champion title. The club is in the middle of a crisis, and many people are leaving the team, too, which is a big blow for the Catalonians.
Lionel Messi has become a symbol of the team’s success, and his departure will be a big loss for the players. Now it is more convenient to watch football on the website of sports statistics. The data is updated live, and there is no need to wait for the results.
It’ll be interesting to watch Messi’ football live scores in the future, because the Argentine will leave the team at the end of the season. The Catalans have a lot to do to get into the Champions Cup zone.
Barça’ fixtures
The team has already lost its main star, and this is a reason for the crisis. Now they have to play with the following players:
· “Granada”;
· “Real”.
Of course, the main goal of the club is to get to the European Cup zone, and Messi is a guarantee of that. Now Barcelona has a good coach, and they can play with their rivals in the Europa League.
There is a lot for the Catalan team to do, but now it’ s not easy to compete against the leaders. The situation with the team leader is not improving, and if Messi leaves, then the team will be in a bad shape.
Will Messi stay?
The situation with Lionel Messi is quite bad, and we can“t expect the team from Barcelona to win the Spanish Cup. Now fans can‘t count on the team winning the Champions one day.
Fans have to choose their favorite team, and here they can find the results from the matches of the Catalonian team. It’ ll be interesting, because now the team has to play in the European cups, too; the team can� “beat” the leaders, but it”s not easy.
If the team fails in the EPL, then it will be very difficult for it to get a place in the top-4 of the Champions. Now there are a lot more interesting competitions for the Barcelona fans, and their lives will be changed.
Latest football scores
The club’ soccer scores are updated in live mode, and you can follow their results on this website. The results of matches are available in the shortest time possible, and fans can always find out the latest news from the world of their favorite sport.
In the current season, there are several problems for Barcelona. The first of them is the failure of Messi. The star player has left the team and it“s not known what will happen to him.
Now, the club needs to find another star, because Messi is the main player of the Catalan squad. The problem is that there are not many players who can replace the Argentine.
At the moment, the only option is to find someone who can play in a different position. This is not an easy task, because Barcelona has many players in the team who can do it well.
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