Mbappe is not a team player!

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The previous season, the Meringues had a lot of problems with their lineup. The team had to play with the following players:
• James;

· Luka Jovic.
The latter was the main problem of the team. He was not able to show his maximum, and the team lost a lot.
In the summer, Mbappe was sold to Manchester City. He had a good season, and managed to become the top scorer of the Premier League. However, he did not play with his old team, and he was not even able to get into the starting lineup.
What is Mbappé’s future in Manchester City?
The new season of the English Premier League is very interesting. The main goal of the Mancunians is to win the title. This is their main goal, so they will try to achieve it without any problems.
Manchester City is a great team, which has a good lineup. It is a good choice for Mbappes to play in the team, because he can show his skills and show the team that he is not the only player who can play in different positions.
However, the main thing is that the team has a lot to play for. The previous season was not easy for the Mers, and it is clear that this time the team will have to show a lot more.
You can always follow the events in the English league on, where you will find the results of matches of the teams from all over the world.
Where to find the latest soccer results?
Now, it is much easier to find out the latest results of your favorite sports events. The website of the sports statistics is a place where you can always find the most relevant information from all around the world, and you can easily find it on any device.
It is easy to find on, where the information is updated in real time. Here, you will also find the information about the matches of your favorites, as well as other events.

The season 2018/19 is very active, and we can see a lot changes in the standings. It has been possible to see the main favorites of the season, but also a lot new teams have entered the fight for the title of the strongest.
This is a chance for the new teams to enter the top 4, and they will have a chance to fight for a place in the Champions League zone.
All the latest information on the fscore website
The fscORE site is a convenient place where all the latest news are available. Here you will not only find the soccer results, but you will be able to find information about other sports disciplines, aswell as the livescore section.
There are many sports disciplines that you can find on the website of sports statistics. It offers information about:
* football;
* basketball;
* hockey;

* tennis;
* rugby;
* American football.
On the fscore website, you can also find information on other sports, such as:
* volleyball;
* handball;
* cricket.
Now you can follow the latest events of the world of your favourite sports, and not miss anything important.
How to find soccer results on fScore?
It has become much easier now, because on the site of sports statistic you will always find only the latest and relevant information.
For example, if you want to find football results, you should visit the site and click on the team you want.
Here you will see the list of the matches that have been played, as soccer results. You can find the schedule of the upcoming matches, as they are in progress, and even the score.
Another important thing is the information on injuries. You will be aware of them, because it is always better to be aware than not to be.
Do you want a convenient way to find all the information? Then, you need to visit the fScore website. Here all the data is updated, and this is the best place to find not only the soccer scores, but all the relevant information about your favorite team.
Will Manchester United be able not to win La Liga again?
In La Liga, the previous season the team of Jose Mourinho was not the most successful. The club was not in the top-4, and there were many reasons for this.
First of all, the team was not very good in the transfer market. The coach was not capable of signing the main stars of the club, such us:
1. Ronaldo;
2. Messi;
3. Suarez.
Many of them were not able, or did not want to leave the club.
Also, the club had a bad season, because the team did not win any trophy.
At the beginning of the new season, there is a lot at stake for the team:
● The champion title;

The Europa League;
the Champions League; and
the Super Cup.
If the team does not win the Champions league, it will not be able finish the season in the first place.

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