Best ten goals of January 2018

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The new year has come and gone, and it has been a busy time for football fans. The new season is already in full swing, and many of the top European championships are already over. The main intrigue is the fight for the champion’s title, which will be held in the summer.
The start of the new year was marked by a lot of interesting events, and they can be found in the list of the best ten goals.
1. Chelsea’ goal
In the first half of the season, the Blues were quite successful. They managed to win the EPL, and the team also managed to finish in the top-4 of the Premier League. This is a great achievement for the club, which is the most successful in the Premier league for the last few years.
However, in the second half of 2017, the team started to lose points, and this led to the fact that the team was not able to finish the season in the first position.
In January 2018, the club managed to do it again, and managed to achieve the desired result. The team played very well, and Chelsea managed to score a lot, which led to a comfortable victory.

2. Liverpool’ goals
The Merseysiders started the new season very well. They won the EFL Cup and the Premier match, which was very important for the team. However, the first matches of the New Year were not the best for the Reds.
This is mainly because of the fact they started the season without a captain. This led to some problems, as the team lost points and failed to finish at the first place.
Liverpool started the New year very well and managed not only to finish first in the Epl, but also to win gold medals in the Champions League.
3. Bayern Munich’ Goals
The Bavarians started the year very confidently. They were the first team to win a lot in the domestic championship. They also managed not to lose places in the Bundesliga.
After the first rounds, the players were very active and managed successfully to score goals. This was the main goal of the team for the new campaign.
4. Manchester City’ Goal
The Citizens started the campaign very confidently, and were the only team to score points in the whole tournament. However the team still needs to improve its results, and in the new calendar, it will be much more difficult for the Citizens to win trophies.
They started the tournament very well but failed to win any trophy. The players have to improve their results, as they have a long way to go to get to the Champions league zone.
5. Barcelona’ scores
The Catalans started the championship very confidently and managed a lot. However they failed to achieve their goals. The first matches were not successful for the players, and after that, the results started to improve.
Barcelona managed to get into the Champions’ League zone, but the team needs to do a lot more to get there. The current season is very important, because it will determine the fate of the champion title.
6. Real Madrid’ score
The Meringues started the current season very confidently but failed in the end. The Madrid team started the game very well with a score of 4:0, but it was not enough to win.
Real Madrid started the match with a goal of Zinedine Zidane, who was the coach of the club. The goal was scored by the French player, who managed to make a great pass to the goalkeeper, who made a great save.
At the end of the first match, the Meringue team lost the game with a 1:0 score. The score was not the most comfortable for the Madrid team, but they managed to keep the lead and were able to score another goal.
7. Juventus’ and Milan’ Scores
The previous season, Juventus started the Italian championship very well; they were the best team in the Serie A. However in the next season, they started to show some problems.
Juventus started the Serie a with a good result, but then the team began to lose a lot and was not in the leading position. This happened in the last rounds of the championship.
Milan started the summer with a lot less problems, and was able to win several trophies. However this was not a good start for the Italian team, and now they need to do their best to win more trophies. They started the Championship with a very good result.
8. Valencia’ Score
The Valencians started their championship very confident, and even managed to beat a strong Barcelona team. This game was very memorable, as it was won by a goal by Cristiano Ronaldo.
It is worth noting that the game ended with a 0:0 result, which can be considered a failure.
9. Leicester’ Results
The season of the English Premier League is in full-swing. Leicester started the Premier with a result of 0:2, which means that the club was defeated by Manchester City.
Leicester started the first round of the Championship very confidently; they managed not just to score, but to win points. However after that the results began to decline.

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