Aubameyang needs help at Arsenal

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The Gunners need to strengthen their midfield, and Aubameyang is one of the main candidates for the job. The Frenchman is a good player, but he needs to find his game.
The Frenchman has a contract with the Gunners, but the club is not in a position to offer him a new contract. Aubamey needs to show his best game, otherwise the club will not renew his contract.

The French player has a good game, but it is not enough for the club to keep him. The club needs to strengthen its midfield, as well as the attack. The problem is that the club does not have many good players in the attack, which is why the club needs the help of a player who can play in the middle.
Aubayem needs to prove himself, otherwise he will not get a new deal. The Gunners have a number of options for strengthening the midfield, but they need to find a suitable solution for Aubame.
Who will replace Aubame?
The club has a number options for replacing Aubame, but none of them is a sure thing.
1. Lukaku
The Belgian has a long contract with Manchester United, and he needs a new one. The Red Devils need to replace the Belgian, and they need someone who can replace him. Lukaku needs to improve his game, and the club can offer him the chance to play in a different position.
2. Ramsey
The Englishman has a decent contract with United, but his performance has dropped significantly. The player needs to get back to his best, otherwise it will be difficult to get a good replacement for him.
3. Ozil
The German has a great contract with Arsenal, but there are rumors that the Gunner is unhappy with the club. The German needs to play better, otherwise Arsenal will not be able to offer a good deal to him. Ozi is a great player, and Arsenal needs to offer the player a new long-term contract. Ozlum is a player the club should seriously consider, but Ozil has a very high price tag.
4. Oztay
The Turkish player has an excellent contract with Chelsea, but Chelsea is not the club he wants to play for. Ozti needs to decide whether he wants a new club, or a new position. Ozta is a very good player who needs to be replaced.
5. Auba
The player has already stated that he wants out of the club, and this is a serious problem for the Gun club. Aubay needs to demonstrate his best football, otherwise his future with the team is not guaranteed.
It is clear that the Arsenal needs a serious change, and a good option for the replacement of Aubame is the player of the French national team. The French player is a real star, and his game is very good.
However, the club has to find the right solution for the player, otherwise they will not give him a long-lasting contract. The team has a lot of options, but Aubame needs to do his best in order to get the best out of his contract with his team.
Current situation of the Gun team
The current season of the English Premier League is a bit strange for the Arsenal. The players of the team have a lot to prove, as the club lost a lot and failed to qualify for the Champions League zone.
In the current season, the Gun has a really difficult task, as they need a lot from the team. Among the main problems of the Arsenal are:
1) Lack of motivation. The current season has been a failure for the team, and it is obvious that the players are not in the best of moods.

2) Lackadaisical play of the leaders. The leaders are not performing to the best possible standards, and that is a problem for all the team members.
At the same time, the team has many options for the future, and there is no doubt that the team will be able not only to fight for the title, but also to qualify to the Champions league zone. However, the main task of the players is to win the FA Cup, as this is the most prestigious trophy of the Premier league.
If the Gun does not win the trophy, it will not only be a failure, but a serious blow to the club’s prestige.
Team’ s prospects for the next season
The main task for the players of Arsenal is to get into the Champions club zone, as it is a really big goal for the fans. The main competitor of the London Arsenal is Manchester City, and if the Gun can get into a similar zone, then the team can really challenge the City.
Of course, the situation is not ideal, as there are a lot more problems for the London team, but if the players can get to a higher position, then it will definitely help the club in the long run.
Arsenal has a strong squad, and many of the stars of the current team are still able to play. The future of the squad is quite bright, and we can expect a lot for the season ahead.
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